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IonizeME Ionic Detoxification

How does an Ionic Foot Detox Bath Work?

IonizeMe foot detox machine helps balance your body's natural energy system through utilizing ionization and osmosis, as well as reflexology concepts. This modern energy therapy device injects a high number of negative ions into the water in the foot bath and creates a positive cellular environment that allows your body to naturally detoxify itself. Ionic detox has been shown to:

* Inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus
* Relieve pain and tension including headaches
* Purify the blood and lymph
* Increase peripheral circulation
* Stimulate and balance the immune system
* Enhance nutrient absorption
* Reduce inflammation and unwanted fluid retention
* Help clear up skin
* Assist in weight loss
* Slow down aging and improve body flexibility
* Quicken recovery time from disease or injury
* Increase oxygen in the body
* Rejuvenate and energize your whole body
* Improve sleep

1 30-minute session $25

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LightStim Skin Rejuvenation System

**As seen on Netflix's Skin Decision**

LightStim Skin Rejuvenation System

Give yourself the beautiful skin you deserve!

LightStim patented LED Light Therapy is the most effective and affordable technology for achieving healthy and youthful skin. It is soothing, painless, and can be used on all skin types to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
In just minutes a day you can firm and tone aged or tired skin, reduce the appearance of pore size, smooth texture, increase elasticity and recapture your radiant glow.

3 sessions for $49