Salon tanning lotions are creams or gels that are applied by people before they tan in order to enhance and maximize the process of tanning. These lotions can be used prior to tanning in the sun naturally, before people lie in tanning beds, or after they have tanned. Users derive different benefits from using salon tanning lotions, including enhanced color and improved skin condition.

Tanning is quite drying to the skin, so the majority of salon tanning lotions contain oils, aloe vera, and other conditioning ingredients such as shea butter. These ingredients benefit skin by keeping it moisturized. This makes skin healthier and also helps it to retain the tan for a longer period of time. Many lotions also contain a number of vitamins that help improve the condition of the skin.

Overall, salon tanning lotions are beneficial because they improve the results obtained by the tanner. They enhance the natural process of tanning and may even help to stimulate the body’s natural production of melanin. There are a variety of types and brands available, and many are customized based on what qualities the person tanning hopes to achieve.